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Lola & Mark

Lola & Elijah- Lola was WONDERFUL to work with. You can Feel the love they both had for one another once you stepped in the room. Lola and Elijah are every planners dream and i can honestly say this is a DWBride turn Friend and i wish them nothing but the best.- CEO of DivineWorks

One of our favorite couples this year was Lola & Elijah. Their love was inspiring to all onlookers. The day began with this picturesque moment: Elijah’s whimsical love confession to his wife on a phone recording and Lola’s tearful response. His vibrant personality coupled with her nurturing spirit certainly made for a very festive day.

The proceedings started at Dominion International Church. The couple insisted on making God the center of their union and what better way to do it than by having all their family and friends witness them exchange vows in a beautifully decorated church. Lola & Elijah’s vows to one another can be summed up into the following words, “I choose you and I’ll choose you. Over and over and over without pause. In a heartbeat, I’ll keep choosing you.” It was beautiful to watch the culmination of this love story.


The event continued with the reception at Bam Bam Banquet Hall. The color scheme of the day was purple and gold, befitting for the colorful yet sophisticated taste of the couple. Every detail of the reception: the centerpieces, the lighting, the decor had different shades and hues of the couple’s color scheme that blended effortlessly together. Everything looked like a page out of a fairy-tale novel; it was certainly a sight to behold. The night ended as family & friends from far and near danced the night away under fluorescent lights in celebration of the couple’s union.

One undeniable truth is that love is a beautiful thing. And all of our DW brides exhibit this very mantra.



Bride-& Groom-Lola & Elijah


*Photo – Giseleparra photography


Event manager- @divineworks_events


*Makeup by @gfaydesigns


*Venue- Bam Bam Banquet Hall Houston


*MC- Ola KukuFirst


By Marian Omidiji


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