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Sabrina Doyle

My event was: October 15th, 2015. I will for sure employ her services again. I was very impressed and I believe i got more than I bargained for. I was a little hesitant initially as i knew she does a lot of wedding planning, as opposed to theme/party planning.

Her ability to adapt and bring creative ideas into my vision was impressive. Her professionalism is commendable, especially when she demonstrated swift, prudent & practical decision making in my absent; regarding a time sensitive detail I was absolutely sure I wanted to implement on my own, but i got distracted with other ventures. At that point, I was really glad she paid attention when I talked. She really brought my vision to light.Additionally, it goes without saying that she pays attention, is patient, takes notes and, makes herself available to you to willing, as she appears to have mastered the art of prioritizing. I wonder if she’ll take on an additional vocation as a personal assistant. She has the spunk to galvanize a crowd towards a goal, with such an elusive spirited humor.It just works.

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